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How do I write a good Creative Brief?

At CopyShoppy, we make it easy for you to create a brief for your contest through our online briefing form, which asks you the right questions our copywriters need answers too depending on the contest you choose. 

A well-written creative brief clearly communicates:

Background information on your business and the type of brand you're building, including your business name and your product or service name.


We want to be the world's leading retailer of denim jeans in the U.S., creating a long lasting fashion sensation. We started this company because we could not find any fashionable denim jeans that fit us perfectly the way we wanted. We then decided to start our own retail store, create our own brand, and launch our flagship denim jeans product shortly thereafter. We want to build a brand well known throughout the US as THE American women’s denim jeans to have, own and show off.

Your industry and competitors - include which industry you operate in and who your main competitors are. 


We are in the women’s fashion industry, competing with the likes of DKNY, Forever 21 and Guess as our main competitors.

Your target customer profile - describe your target customer, including age, demographics and habits if possible. 


Through both online and retail outlets, we sell fashionable denim jeans to young professional women in the U.S., ages 19-27 years old. These women have a fast-paced life and don’t have much time to shop. They have a sharp and classy taste in fashion, and are very well educated and ambitious.

Your product and/or services - describe the product you're selling and its USP (Unique Selling Point).


Our denim jeans come in all sizes from 0 to plus size, a gap that is missing in the market. Competing high-class denim jeans are primarily only in sizes for very slim women. Our brand of denim jeans will cater to all professional women regardless of waist size. Our jeans are also entirely produced in the US – our product is not outsourced to China or any other country – and this should appeal to patriotic American women. Lastly, the designs of our jeans are unlike that of any other jean currently in the market. We’ve enlisted world-class designers to develop our jean designs. When you put a pair of our denim jeans on, a woman looks slimmer, fitter and healthier.

The goals you want to accomplish - communicate the goals you want to accomplish with the creative work to be produced.

Example for Website Copywriting

 "We want you to develop website writing for our website that will help us sell 20,000 units of our jeans within 6 months of launching our website."

Your preferences - include your creative preferences for the final deliverable.

Example for a Product Brand Name

 "We prefer a single word with only two syllables but I am open to all suggestions. We’re looking for a sophisticated but fun name. Something that will get professional women to take us seriously, while also being light hearted at the same time. The name must be unique, memorable, and feel like a brand that’s been around for awhile in the US."


Pictures of your product/service or supporting background documents to give the copywriting community a deeper understanding of your project.

Our online briefing form will guide you through the process by asking the right questions depending on the contest you choose.

Remember to take your time when developing the creative brief and be sure to be as specific as possible to guide our community’s creativity in the right direction. You can always use the save function on the brief form if you need more time. Also, once your contest goes live, you can update your brief at any time using the Update Brief button.