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I generally wouldn't recommend using a product name generator to acquire your product name, mainly because they spew out random combinations of letters at you like a one year-old. 

However, they can serve a purpose, which is to open your mind during your brainstorming process. Here are the top 4 product name generators I've come across for your convenience. 

1. (UPDATE) The Business Name Generator Guru

Due to the low quality of name generators currently available, CopyShoppy recently launched version 1 of "Guru", a new business name generator that's great for product and app names too. Check it out here.

2. (UPDATE 01/06/2016) The Product Name Generator Guru

We've just launched our latest name generator, the Product Name Generator Guru. Get catchy, creative and cool product name ideas from the Guru, an advanced product name generator. Request an unlimited amount of product name suggestions, free! Check it out here

We created this product name generator in response to the low quality of name generators. We use a sophisticated algorithm using brand naming principles for creative results. 

3. Product Name Generator

The Product Name Generator can make more than 1 million random product names and brands. All your generated names are saved to a list of product names. 

4. Technology (And Coffee) Name Generator

This page started out primarily as a technology product name generator. If you or your company has a new product, and you don’t know what to call it, this page can help.

5. Product Name Generator 5000

A brand name generator that can be used for product names, brand names, and company names.

6. Think Calculator - Product Name Generator

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Well, there you have it. The top 4 free product name generators. PENCILGEEDF!

If you'd like your product name developed by humans, one that will set you up for success and sales, then consider taking the help of our copywriting community by hosting a contest on CopyShoppy for your product brand name. 

Dozens of talented copywriters enter your contest, and you can expect at least 30 customized and powerful brand name options for only $149, with full descriptions provided for the reasoning and research behind each product brand name option. You can then rate, eliminate, provide feedback, select finalists or select a winner for your contest. Click the button below to learn more. 


Did you find the product name generators helpful? Let us know in the comments below. 

Asad Khan

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Asad Khan is the CEO of CopyShoppy. He enjoys spending time with his family and working on building a great copywriting and client community. You can follow his Twitter at @Ace_Khan.

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